Want to get paid to wear our leggings?

If you are reading this we will assume you love leggings. Now do you know people that love leggings? Do you know people you think would love leggings if they actually tried on a pair and felt the buttery softness & comfortable stay in place feel? If you answered yes to any of these questions then our affiliate program is perfect for you! You can run your affiliate  business any way you like, you can use your included personal 25% discount on your own leggings & tops. You can take it a step further & start to build up your own small business to bring in a little extra cash by sharing your affiliate links with family & friends, via email, social media posts, blogs, even word of mouth & more. You make your own hours and be your own boss. There are no quota's to meet whatsoever with this program not even a requirement to market our products,  Whether you’re looking to bring home some extra cash, a great discount on premium quality leggings, or grow a viable business we offer you the products, & tools to help you achieve your goals.

We are a family owned & operated business that is dedicated to the continued growth and expansion of our business,  and our affiliates, We realize the importance & demands of not only our customers, but yours as well, We understand that no online business can survive without impeccable customer service from the moment an order is received until the customer receives their product & all aspects in between & after the sale. We want your customers as happy as ours  Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of our business as well as our affiliates so you can focus on your own personal growth and goals and grow with us!

Our company is fully staffed, and all items we offer on our website are in stock, we do not take pre orders & never sell any item we do not have in stock. You can purchase items in bulk at discounts up to 40% off in volume, or we can just fulfill your customers orders & ship direct from our stock.  With our quality products, generous tiered discounts and great customer support, to both our affiliates & their customers make selling online simple for anyone with basic computer skills.

 Join us as a sales / marketing affiliate today! The benefits of joining include:

  • 25% commission for every sale made through your personal website
  • 25% Personal discount (for your use only)
  • 5% Commission from your 1st line team sales team
  • $5 Personally referred affiliate bonus for any affiliate package purchase
  • Your own dashboard to track your commissions & payouts
  • Discounts up to 40% off Bulk Purchasing if you want to stock product
  • Our commitment to help you become Successful & Grow
  • No quotas to reach, Sell as much or as little as you want

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**After selecting your package & completing your purchase you will receive an email from us within 24 hours.